The aim of STAGE 1 of B2-inF is to collect data from the general young population (18-30-year-old) about social perceptions on ART, and the information provided by ART clinics for the society in 8 countries: Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Albania, Slovenia and Kosovo. This information will allow, in STAGE 2, to compare views of the citizenship with the information provided by the clinics and to carry out an in-depth study of the gender, socio-cultural and legal implications.

In total, it is planned to conduct around 120 semi-structured interviews (15 per country) and to explore 40 ART clinics websites (5 per country). This massive data collection, involving different B2-inF partners (APLICA, HealthGrouper, Medistella) working in 8 different countries with several field work groups, requires a well-coordinated way of working to ensure an appropriate quality level. That is why one of the first steps of the B2-inf project was to develop two handbooks:

1) Interview handbook

The objective of this handbook is to harmonize and to standardize the fieldwork and the data collection through the 120 semi structured interviews planned.
The handbook includes information about who is expected to be interviewed, how to deal with the recruitment process and with the interviews itself, themes to be explored and question examples and templates for all the process (e.g. sociodemographic sheet, transcriptions, etc.).

2) Clinics handbook

The objective of this handbook is also to harmonize and to standardize the data collection from ART clinics for later analysis.
The handbook includes information about which clinics are expected to be explored and how these should be selected, which type of information should be collected (e.g. leaflet, informed consent forms, informative text and images from the websites, etc.), the issues of interest aligned with B2-inF objectives and guidelines on how to collect the information (including templates).


The development of these two Handbooks was the “starting line” of the WP1 and WP2 and the focus of the first internal workshop milestone of the B2-inF partners.  Although this internal workshop was initially planned as a face-to-face meeting, due to the COVID-19 pandemic it had to be done online. Despite the distance, this was a great opportunity to share ideas with partners and work together.

Handbooks are ready! The B2-Inf project is ready for the next steps.

Let’s do it!!




Photo by Daniel Fazio on Unsplash